Banks Depositing Money After Credit Application

Consumers can take advantage of the instant allocation opportunity if the banks to which they send credit applications already have customers or if they request for the Good Credit product, which is used exceptionally through Good Finance.

This is a highly prestigious opportunity offered only by some banks, and the interest rates of the loan used are often below the market average. The reason for the lower interest rates is that the application is made on the internet and profit is obtained from the workload at the branches.

Which Banks Deposit Money Immediately?

Which Banks Deposit Money Immediately?

As a result of the development of technology and the increasing security of information systems, there is no obstacle for consumers to transmit their personal information to certain institutions in the internet environment. Accordingly, banks are among the institutions that started digital transformation, and thanks to online transactions, the entire loan process has been completed on the internet.

However, the only condition for this is that the bank is already a customer. In other words, it is obligatory to have at least 1 demand deposit account opened on behalf of the consumer even if it has never been used. Exceptionally, a system developed by Good Finance and Good Credit product allow you to use loans instantly even if you are not a customer. The disadvantage of this product is the interest rate well above the market average.

E-Money Instant Loan

The E-Money brand that Good Finance created as part of its digital transformation program has managed to reach hundreds of thousands of customers in a very short time. In this context, E-Money, which can also perform credit allocation over the internet in accordance with the purpose of the conversion, allocates financing instantly if the loan applications are responded positively and if there is an open account.

With the loan that can be used through E-Money, it is possible to meet the cash need up to 30 thousand USD with a maturity of 36 months. If you are not an E-Money customer, you can still apply for a loan, and you can take advantage of free shipping to deliver the documents required for account opening and credit allocation to your address.

Good Finance Bank Easy Loan – Instant Allocation

Good Finance Bank Easy Loan - Instant Allocation

Good Credit product , which Good Finance Bank has created, is a completely new set of procedures for the banking system in our country. You can submit a loan application for the Good Credit product, which can be used even if you are not yet a Good Finance customer, and withdraw the loan from any bank, if the application is answered positively.

With Good Finance Bank’s Good Credit product, you can meet your cash needs of up to 30 thousand USD, but it is necessary to pay 2.89% interest.

In addition to the Good Credit product, where no document declaration or guarantor is required, it is possible to benefit from the Meet Credit product. Just like Good Credit, Meet Loan has an instant allocation feature, but its target audience is consumers who have not previously used loans or had problems with their credit ratings. For this reason, the interest rate of the Meet Credit is 3.39%.